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MedCover UK Ltd are multi award wining specialist trainers and practitioners in First Aid, First Aid for Mental Health, Safeguarding and Health and Safety compliance.

We also provide medical specialists and security operatives for events and productions.

We have vast experience of delivering world class training, treatment and safety in the most austere of environments known on the planet.

 Whatever your needs are, we are here to make it work for you and help you to push on and achieve your goals. 

We expect due diligence to be carried out by any company or organisation expecting us to deliver their training or provide their security and medical cover. All associated with MedCover UK have been vetted. insurances, certificates and references are available for all our instructors which are available upon request. 

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Being able to save a life is one of the best feelings and greatest achievements you will ever make. We will help, not criticise. The aim is to teach, learn and build confidence. 

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If you need assistance for your event or production, just give us a call and we'll have a chat.

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Email: info@medcoveruk.com

John Quinn - CEO                                           

john.quinn@medcoveruk.com / info@medcoveruk.com / (+44)03300436468

Before establishing MedCover UK, John had been a Combat Medical Technician in the British Army for over 28 years, reaching the rank of WO1 Regimental Sergeant Major. He has delivered medical treatment and training to UK and foreign nationals/forces in some of the most austere environments around the world. 

John has served and taught in the UK, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, Macedonia, United Arab Emirates and USA. 

Most recently, John won an award at the inaugural National Armed Forces and Emergency Services Event held in July 2023. He won the award "Most Outstanding British Army" for his work with MedCover UK's community outreach programmes and other charitable work.

"At MedCover UK we are an experienced, credible, integrity led organistation. All of our instructors are highly experienced and subject matter experts in the fields they teach, whilst also being humble enough to appreciate that building confidence is a key aspect to all training" 

First Aid | Safeguarding | First Aid for Mental Health | Manual Handling | Fire Safety | Health & Safety Compliance | Management & Leadership | Risk Management | Medical & Security Planner | 

Kelly Quinn - Managing Director

kelly.quinn@medcoveruk.com | accounts@medcoveruk.com | info@medcoveruk.com

Kelly is the Managing Director of MedCover UK. She has a wealth of experience in the business and medical world. Kelly has also held previous positions as a Practice Manager of a Military Medical Centre, a Health Care Assistant and also running her own business as a trained florist. 

Kelly is your first point of contact within MCUK. She will make arrangements for your courses, allocate staff for events and the day to day management of all things MedCover UK. 

Kelly Joined MCUK in November 2022

First Aid | Pre Hospital Care | Health & Social Care | Safeguarding | Health Care Assistant | Business Management 


David Bygate-Pittiglio - Instructor. 

David is one of the founders and the manager of the Military Veteran Football Club, MVFC has reach throughout the UK supporting thousands of veterans with physical and mental wellness. 

Dave served in the Military for 8 years with the RAF, his primary role being logistics. 

David joined MCUK in June 2022. 

First Aid | Manual Handling | Fire Safety | TCCC Combat Life Saver


Steven Burgess - Instructor 

Steven is currently working his way through the paramedic pathway and is expected to qualify as a paramedic in late 2024. 

Steven left the Military in 2023 after serving in the Royal Army Medical Corps for 23 years. 

Steven joined MCUK in May 2023

First Aid | FREC | TCCC Combat Life Saver