About Us & The Team

MedCover UK Ltd are multi award wining, specialist trainers and practitioners in First Aid, First Aid for Mental Health, Safeguarding and Health and Safety compliance.

We also provide medical specialists and security operatives for events and productions.

We have vast experience of delivering world class training, treatment and safety in the most austere of environments known on the planet.

With over 200+ years experience we know how to make things possible. Whatever your needs are, we are here to make it work for you and help you to push on and achieve your goals. 

We expect due diligence to be carried out by any company or organisation expecting us to deliver their training or provide their security and medical cover. All associated with MedCover UK have been vetted and we have insurances, certificates and references available for all our instructors which are available upon request. 

Come and train with us: Being able to save a life is one of the best feelings and greatest achievements you will ever make. info@medcoveruk.com

Book us: If you need Medical or Security assistance for your event or production, just give us a call and we'll have a chat. info@medcoveruk.com

John Quinn                                            


John is our company director and chief instructor.  He has been a front line British Army medic for over 28 years, providing medical treatment and training to UK and foreign nationals in some of the most austere environments in the world. 

John has served in the UK, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cyprus, Germany, Canada along with numerous other countries where his military service took him. 

"At MedCover UK we are an experienced and credible medical training and support organistation. All of our instructors are highly experienced and subject matter experts in the field they teach, whilst also having the ability to appreciate that building confidence is a key aspect to all training" 

First Aid | Safeguarding | First Aid for Mental Health | Manual Handling | Fire Safety | Health & Safety Compliance | Management & Leadership | Risk Management | Medical & Security Planner | 

Kelly Quinn

kelly.quinn@medcoveruk.com | accounts@medcoveruk.com | info@medcoveruk.com

Kelly is the MCUK course management and accounts director. She books your courses, issues joining instructions, allocates trainers to courses and produces the invoices. 

The backbone of the company. 

First Aid | Pre Hospital Care | Health & Social Care | Safeguarding | Health Care Assistant

Steven Burgess - Instructor 

British Army, Combat Medical Technician - 23 years. 

Paramedic & Army Reservist  - Cumbria Area.

First Aid | FREC |

Anthony (Tony) Bain - Instructor

British Army, Combat Medical Technician - 25 years

Educator & Army Reservist - North East England

First Aid | Safeguarding | Health & Safety | Mental Health |

David Bygate-Pittiglio - Instructor. 

Royal Air Force, Logistics - 8 Years

Dir of various CIC's, Co-owner of LABP events - North East England

First Aid | Manual Handling | Cat & Genny | 

Kevin Butcher - Instructor. 

British Army, Combat Medical Technician - 17 Years

Educator & Army Reservist - North East England

First Aid | Safeguarding |

Martin Kilduff - Instructor.

British Army, Combat Medical Technician - 15 Years

Educator & Land Manager / Game keeper - Scotland

First Aid | Fire Safety | Manual Handling |

Kenny Ashton - Instructor.

British Army, Logistics - 5 Years

Educator & Loading and Movement Specialist - North East England

First Aid | Fire Safety | Manual Handling |